Vanlige spørsmål


Vi er basert i Storbritannia, men vil poste til et hvilket som helst internasjonalt land. Hvis din ikke er oppført, vennligst kontakt oss for en pris.
  • Gratis levering i Storbritannia, inkludert i settprisen.
  • £ 3,50 1ste klasse kun UK-registrert levering for inntil 2 sett.
  • £ 3,50 Luftpost til Europa og Irland for opptil 2 sett.
  • £ 5,00 Royal Mail Standard Internasjonal levering, ikke sporet til Zone 1 og Zone 2 for opptil 2 sett.
  • £ 10,00 Royal Mail Standard Internasjonal levering, ikke sporet til Zone 1 og Zone 2 for opptil 4 sett.
  • £ 9,50 Royal Mail International Spores til Zone 1 og Zone 2 for opptil 2 sett.
  • £ 15,00 Royal Mail International Spores til Zone 1 og Zone 2 for opptil 4 sett.
Dispatch er vanligvis mellom 4-6 virkedager etter at betalingen er foretatt.
Til tider når bestillingsbøker er opptatt, kan det være lengre, men vi vil informere deg via e-post hvis dette er tilfelle. Hvert sett er håndlaget ved bestillingstidspunktet.

World Zones

This map shows you which World Zone your country falls into, so you can select the correct postage and have an idea of estimated costs.
Please contact us if you have inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will i know if my order has gone through?
You will receive an email to confirm that your order has been received, and another to confirm it has been dispatched.  If you do not complete the payment for the order the system will automatically cancel it and an email will be sent to confirm this.

 How long will it take for my order to come?
Orders are dispatched within 4-6 working days from order. International orders outside of the UK can take between 7-21 working days for Standard Delivery.

The kit i want is out of stock when will it be available again?
We rely on a lot of International Suppliers so it can be difficult to predict when kits will be back in stock.  Please follow us on for updates.

Do the kits fit all hearing aids, BAHAs and Cochlear Implants?

We try to cover as many devices as possible, we need the actual device to make a kit for it.  Each kit you select will contain the stickers you need to cover that particular device.  If we do have your device listed then please od not hesitate to contact us and we can advise which will be the closest match , then all you have to do is trim it with craft scissors to fit.

How do the kits work?
Each kit contains- coloured vinyls to cover the base of the device
                             - Character stickers, which are either pre-cut or for you to cut out yourself to decorate the vinyls.
                                   - Soft PVC charms the that fit onto the hearing aid tubing, cochlear hook or on a velcro stickers to attach to BAHA's
All of this and often more, all contained in a handy kit for storing it all in and even room for your device!

Can i change a kit, its not quite what i want?
If we are able to, then we will happily change and adapt kits to suit your needs. please just send us a message either via facebook or email and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can you do customised kits?
Please contact us if you have any special requests and we will do our best to create what you are looking for.

I want to order more than 6 kits, can i do this?

If you wish to make a purchase of 6 or more kits please contact us directly at

Email -

Lugs Trademark. 
The use of its name and logo without permission from Lugs are prohibited . Kits are not available for resale.

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