Welcome to Lugs!! On our website you will find a huge selection of kits to decorate your Hearing Aid, Cochlear Implant Or BAHA.  Made up of specifically cut vinyls to fit your device, stickers and PVC charms they are everything you need to instantly improve the look of your device!  With everything from Minions to Hello Kitty and Star Wars to Flowers there is something for everyone.

*Please note that 1 vinyl set contains stickers to cover both sides of a single hearing device or the outer part of a double set. Each kit contains 2 sets each in a different colour.


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Please make sure you choose the right device model when ordering your kit. If you do not kmow what model it is you can visit our 'Your Device' page to see the which is the same as or similar to.


Below are some of our most popular kits to get you started!